What to Eat When Bloated and Gassy?


To be precise some of us might have intolerance to many ingredients that are present in the food. But you generally won’t get to know what is making your stomach bloat. So one thing I can assure you if you consume foods that are citric, your stomach bloats. Choose and eat the right food to avoid bloating and gastritis. What to Eat When Bloated and Gassy? This article explains the reader and overcome this problem.

  • Celery and Fennel

These celery and Fennel helps you remove excess water that you are retaining in your body. You can add these fennels and celeries just like the salads and have it in regular intervals. It helps to lower down the bloating gradually.

  • Ginger

What to Eat When Bloated and Gassy? Ginger is supposed to be Anti-inflammatory food and it consists of anti-spasmodic ingredients. Doctors too advise that Ginger has many properties which can help in the process of debloating. It is always best if you can put a small piece of ginger in a hot water and have it before breakfast. It also increase digestion and prevents constipation.

  • Yoga

Yoga is the best medicine for bloating and gastric. Yoga is the purest form of exercise wherein you can feel the changes that are undergoing in your body. The postures will help your abdomen release excess gas from Gastro intestinal tract. This will in turn help you get rid of bloating. Never try this at home, ensure you do it under experts advise.

  • Munching at Regular Intervals

It is very important to know that bloating usually happens because of the air gap between your esophagus and GI tract. GERD is one of the main factors for bloating. Try popping in biscuits or chocolates at regular intervals to avoid gastritis. There are some things which you need to follow while eating food. Never swallow the food, chew and then slowly swallow as and when you gulp the food you will take in the air. This might again cause bloating. Avoid drinking juice through straw, as you tend to swallow the air which might irritate your GI tract and cause bloating.

  • Avoid Aerated Drinks

Fizzy, aerated beverages contain gas that can develop in the stomach. The carbon dioxide that makes soft drink and comparative drinks fizzy can likewise cause bloating and bubbling in the stomach.

Sugars in the eating routine can likewise cause bloating and gas. Drinking water wipes out these issues and decreases constipation as well. Drink 3-4 litres of water every day. It will keep your active and hydrated.

Hope the article has answered and given many tips to What to Eat When Bloated and Gassy? Go through these tips, you might find it useful when you start implementing things. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!


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