Germinating Marijuana Seeds Hydroponically


Germinating Marijuana Seeds Hydroponically

Germination takes place when a seed or spore starts growing and putting out shoots in the period of dormancy. It is the act of growing a seed into sprout in dormant state. Once you have bought fresh and good quality marijuana seeds, the three main conditions are required for awakening the seeds: darkness, moisture, and warmth.

Requirements for Germinating Hydroponically

For germination, light is not required as it may hamper or slow the speed of the germination process. For supplying the above mentioned requirements, there are many different methods available to the cultivators. One of the easiest methods for germination of marijuana seed is the paper towel method.

You need a paper napkin, paper towel or tissue paper. Cut it in half and each half is folded again into half. Then, one half is placed on a small dish and moistened up. Both the halves of paper towel or tissue should be damp, though not that dripping wet. If, by any chance, it is over-watered, squeeze out the extra moisture.

The seeds are placed on the towel and roughly ½’’ of space is allowed between them to ensure that the roots don’t get tangled. It is covered with other half piece of paper towel so that the seeds are in contact with it.

Finally, an inverted dish is placed on the top that is of the same type and size as the bottom dish so that the marijuana seeds are kept in high humidity and dark.

Keep these seeds at a temperature between 21°C – 29.4°C (70°F – 85°F) i.e. a warm zone like the refrigerator top. The towel should never dry out; otherwise, the seeds will die. You should check them at least twice per day until the seed case split is seen or a tiny root emerges at the bottom and a white shoot over the top.

All of the viable seeds usually open within 48 hours. At this point of time, utmost care should be taken to handle them. Once the roots are seen, the seeds are planted on their sides and that too in the choicest growing medium. A small hole is to be made ready instead of forcing them with fingers. They are planted half an inch deep and covered softly with the growing medium and little water is given.

Seeds need to be checked every 24 hours

Most of the seeds crack in between 1-7 days. As soon as the tap root reaches ¼’’- ½’’ height, you should transfer the seeds carefully to the growing medium. At this stage, the seedlings are very fragile and need great care to avoid the tap root damage. The small root tip (first radical) will be formed as the seed absorbs water within 48-72 hours. Within 10-14 days, the first roots are seen appearing. The best of the seeds are rooted within 21-30 days. The seeds that are not rooted at this stage are recommended to be kept away as they will grow slowly and are of poor quality.


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