Denture Treatment: Are You a Suitable Candidate?


In a nutshell, dentures is a type of dental appliance that is used to replace missing teeth. Typically, dentures are held in place by the patient’s remaining jaw bone and gum tissue along the dental arch. In some instances, denture adhesives and creams are used to keep them in place.

While dentures are undoubtedly helpful so people can regain their confident and beautiful smiles, they are not always the best option for all dental patients.

Suitable Candidates for Denture Treatment

So how do you gauge if denture treatment is the right option for you? The following factors can help you decide if you are indeed the perfect candidate for denture treatment.

Ideal candidates for denture treatment are those patients who have experienced significant tooth loss. However, it is also important that the patient still has sufficient jaw bone and healthy gum tissue remaining.

In addition, the extent of the patient’s tooth loss will also be taken into account. If the patient only has one or two teeth remaining, a dental bridge may be considered a good option.

If the patient has a lot of teeth missing, a full or partial denture might be recommended. However, the patient’s preference will also be taken into consideration. If you’re still not sure if you are a good candidate, checking with your dentist is your best course of action.

Types of Dentures

The number of missing teeth can help decide which type of denture is perfect for you.

  • Full dentures – ideal for patients who are missing all of their teeth
  • Partial dentures – ideal for those patients who are missing a few of their natural teeth
  • Implant-retained dentures – this type is stabilised using dental implants that are fused to the jaw bone
  • Immediate dentures – ideal for patients with extracted teeth who would like to have dentures placed the same day

While traditional dentures can offer a snug and comfortable fit, implant-supported ones will not slip or shift out of place since they are anchored to the jawbone. In addition, the latter are also deemed more durable and may even last a lifetime when taken care of accordingly.

Denture Repair

Even if taken care of properly, there will always be instances when denture repair is required.

A lot of dental appliances will require repair including dentures. In fact, denture repair is quite common. This is not surprising however. For starters, the material dentures are made from can erode over the years.

Also, when the denture no longer fits properly, there is a tendency for it to eventually fracture. Impact fractures are also considered one of the main reasons for denture repair. The good thing is dentures are made from materials that make repair easy and straightforward.

Dentures as well as partials are often made of the material called acrylic resin. What makes acrylic resin amazing is is it not only comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, it is also repairable. In some cases, acrylic resin is just added to the denture for reinforcing.


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