5 Basic Pointers for Hydroponic Marijuana Cultivation


5 Basic Pointers for Hydroponic Marijuana Cultivation

To grow marijuana hydroponically is easier for a home grower than in soil with these five basics of hydroponic marijuana. In Europe, it is referred to as “soil-less culture.

1.Light: It is the energy of light that creates life. A plant gets its energy from the light absorbed through its leaves. Lowering the light levels will reduce the plant’s growth rate.

Sunlight is an ideal source of light for plants. It is bright and contains the Reds and Blues necessary to produce healthy growth. However, it also has infrared, green and ultra-violet light. Generally, the plants are grown outdoors and if we feel cold or hot in sunlight, then the plants would also feel that. So, to grow under artificial horticultural lights is a great way because it allows more control of seasons with fewer damages from the elements, and less pest problems. A 400-watt plant light will ensure faster growth, no wind or cold problems, and no rain problems. However, you may need to install an exhaust fan so that good air is circulated and no heat is built up in warm climate.

2.Oxygen to Nutrient Ratio: The plant’s roots are kept healthy due to oxygen and oxygen is the key for plants to take up the nutrients. It is important for the growth rate of the plant. Due to lack of oxygen, the roots will die and without dissolving oxygen, it cannot grow alone in water. Just feed optimum nutrients so that the roots are kept moist. Plants can’t take up the necessary nutrients if oxygen is not present. More oxygen can make the intake of nutrients faster.

3.Nutrient Strength: The nutrient content of a plant governs the height, health, production of leaf and flower, including all growth aspects. It is recommended to use nutrients designed for hydroponics. Also, soil fertilizers typically kill the hydroponically grown plants. The right amount of minerals needs to be supplied in soluble form. Many companies provide these required chemicals. When the right amount of nutrients is available, they can be mixed and used appropriately.

4.Nutrient pH: The level of alkalinity or acidity of a nutrient solution is determined by the pH level. Most of the nutrients will be within the range of 6 – 6.5 pH and all plants are grown within this range in hydroponics. The pH is the key to keep plants feeding on the right elements and keeping them away from deficiencies. pH needs to be checked compulsorily if you use dam, rain or bore water as too sour or too sweet nutrients will develop deficiencies in the plants.

5.Temperature and Fresh Air: The requirement of temperature differs from plant to plant. If the plant is kept in a temperature of 20-25 degree and 40-60% humidity, it will grow best. In tunnel houses, shade-house, grow rooms, and glasshouses, fresh air is very essential as carbon dioxide needed for plants is very important.


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